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Thanks for supporting our fantastic 2020 Vision Day

More than 120 people listened and prayed together as we learned to live as one, to love one another and to seek a vision for the future.

Please pray for our leaders’ retreat and prayer day, when we will be seeking the right direction for our future work.


Hope Huddersfield is the local expression of HOPE Together, a national Christian movement working towards transforming our town and our nation.

Hope Huddersfield is a catalyst for local churches to engage in creative mission in their communities. Our vision is to support one another, to share our planning and our ideas and to pray for one another.

Hope Huddersfield is about local churches using every opportunity to apply the momentum created by the rhythm of the year to put on their own events and use their regular activities to tell their communities about the hope there is in our Lord Jesus.

 To get involved send an email to hello@hopehuddersfield.org and please register your events in our HOPE calendar.

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